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March 11, 2017 • By Buildings Committee Director

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Word of Truth Seventh Day Adventist Church is based in Malvern in Johannesburg in South Africa. This church began as a Sunday pentacoastal church headed by pastor Ndlozi. Some members of the Seventh Day Adventist conducted intensive Bible studies with the pastor and some members of his congregation. Because of these studies and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, this Sunday pentacoastal church converted to a Seventh Day Adventist Church. The membership was small at the beginning and the congregation rented a small church in Malvern.

The church experienced an exponential growth and it still continues to grow. The small church became too small and uncomfortable to worship in. Through the work of the elders and God's intervention, the church found an ideal worshiping place. This church belongs to the Dutch Reformed Church.

The church negotiated to rent and continued to negotiate with the owners of the premises so that they could sell the church to us. Through these negotiations and once again through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, the Dutch Reformed Church offered to sell the church to the Word of Truth Seventh Day Adventist Church. The price of the church has been pegged at R7,000,000.00. Another church approached the owners of the place and offered them more money but the Dutch Reformed Church said they would rather sell the place to the Word of Truth. They have given us first priority.

This place contains a Hall which houses plus or minus 400 people, the main church which houses plus or minus 700 people, a board room and other rooms which can be used as offices. There is also a kitchen. It also has a pastor's house, plus a spacious parking place. It has a huge park like ground where our members enjoy a beauty of nature during a lunch break. These premises are safe and secure. Due to these wonderful premises and of course the programs the church has, the Word of Truth is one of those churches which are full from Sabbath School to Vespas.

Owning this place will enable Word of Truth not only to fully "Go Ye therefore" but will also enable the church to carry the community services that they have already begun. The church feeds the community through a soap kitchen once a fortnight. The main hindrance that prevents the church from rolling this community outreach program to a daily basis are the premises or places to cook and feed the people. The church can also roll out youth rehabilitation programs and kindergarten programs where Christian principles can be inculcated into the youth. This will save as an ideal place seeing that Malvern is fast becoming a drug, prostitution and gangster paradise.

God has given us this place so that we can make a difference in the Malvern Community. He has given us the premises so that we can mould our youths and the community youths to be better leaders of tomorrow. God has given us this place so that we can spread the Gospel and fulfill the mandate that Jesus gave to us before He departed.

In addition, the Dutch Reformed Church which was established in 1943 has been visible in the community since then. As Word of Truth we will be taking over from them. We benchmark our community service on the best performers in order to be the best. And Jesus is our role model in all our endeavors.

Thus we humbly request you to partner the Word of Truth in buying these premises. We request for financial donations from your church( organisation) and members so that we can purchase this wonderful place.

Please contact the people named below for any donations. Your Response Shall be greatly appreciated.

Yours Faithfully

Buildings Committee Director
(T. Sithole)